Harriman Hikers News October 20th 2005

Howdy Hikers and Hikerettes:

This is the first of what we hope will be regular ongoing news about
Harriman Hikers events as well as news about related, mostly outdoors
singles activities from outside the Harriman Hikers.

As we all know, our Hike Leader Emeritus, Gene Doleschal, has
completed his move to NH and the hike is now being led by a consortium
of Ed Burdzy and Greg Paret. Since Gene has now left the area, if you
need hike info, please call Ed at (973) 471-0492 or Greg at (845)
628-3986 or e-mail harrimanhikers@gmail.com. Please visit our website

[Complete article is available through the “Read More…” link, below.]


Author: harrimanhikers

Harriman Hikers is a NY/NJ singles hiking club, established 1974.

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