Harriman Hikers News November 19th, 2005

Hello Fellow Single Outdoors Persons:

This is the November edition of your favorite internet newsletter from
The Harriman Hikers.

We are fast approaching one of the highlights of The Harriman Hikers
year, the Annual Thanksgiving Hike. As is HH custom, Sunday November
27th (Sunday following Thanksgiving Day), we will once again commune
in the wilderness to eat up all those delicious leftovers and catch up
with one another.

The Thanksgiving Hike is normally very well attended and each year;
many friends (old and new) generally materialise, as if by magic, for
this event.

As always, the Thanksgiving Hike will be a FREE hike, and all family
members and friends are welcome to join us. The hike will be very
moderate; we’ll hike to a shelter and have a feast on the mountain.
Usual meeting time/place at Ramapo College (11:30am). In such case
that we have imminent foul weather afoot on the day of the hike, we
will post a notice regarding same on the website.

Please note that in our previous newsletter in October and on the
website the date given (11/26) for the hike was erroneous, the
>correct date for the Sunday following Thanksgiving is 11/27.

For all those of you that always wished there was an alternative to
going to the mall on Black Friday, HH is at your service! The
bacchanal is over, chunkster! Git your butt up out of that easy chair
and TAKE A HIKE! Ed will be leading a glorious fall hike Fri 11/25,
departing the usual alternate meeting place, (the public parking
adjacent to the Mason Jar Restaurant in Mahwah NJ) at 10:00am. Please
be on time, the days are getting short. Call Ed 973-471-0492 for more
What better way to work off all those extra Turkey Day calories than a hike?!

FYI~ Ed leads many extracurricular hikes falling on or near holidays
all year long. !Ed’s hikes are ALWAYS FREE.

Christmas Day and New Years Day both fall on Sundays this year. Ya
think some silly holidays stop HH??? NO WAY JOSE!
Rain or shine, you can depend on Harriman Hikers to be there for you
every Sunday at 11:30 am at the parking lot at Ramapo College. The
only thanks the hike Leaders ask for is for some friendly faces to
hike with them (ok, the $6 bucks a head helps;-). You wont find a more
reliable group that is as consistent and dependable about hiking on a
regular basis. Get off your duff and hike!

Wendy Baumgardner, About.com’s (http://www.about.com) Walking Guide
profiled us for her weekly hiking and walking column:
Makes sense- We ARE a >pretty interesting bunch aren’t we?

Doug Williams was kind enough to send us some photos from his
collection of hiking pictures which we uploaded to the photo album.
Thanks Doug!
Some recent photographs from our hikes to Sterling Forest, The Pingyp
and this past Sunday’s hike to Ramapo Reservation have been added to
the Photo Album as well.
>>>See it all here:
We welcome hike pictures and encourage all to photograph the wonderful
world of nature we are so very fortunate to encounter each week as we
make our way thru the woods. If you have some hike photos you’d like
to share please email us at harrimanhikers@gmail.com

(Note: The following events do not directly involve the Harriman
Hikers as a club but they may be of interest to you outside the group)

Bob Gawel will lead his annual Christmas Hike to Doodletown from Bear
Mountain followed by dinner Richie’s Little Place in Ft. Montgomery on
Saturday Dec 10th. The hike is FREE but >>>for dinner there is a
charge involved and reservations need to be made<<< Complete details

Cross-Country Skiing
Some of us cross-country ski as well as hike. Rich Hobbs is, (while
not neccesarily all that talented or adept;-), an avid cross-country
skier nonetheless. Rich is planning to ski at least one day a weekend
just about anytime we get enough snow to do so this winter, and once
there is snow in the New Paltz area (Minnewaska, Mohonk and other
local higher-elevation areas) should be headed there pretty regularly
on the weekends. May be interested in organizing out of town ski trips
with like minds as well. FYI The Garden State Ski Club
http://www.gardenstateskiclub.com, Mid-Hudson XCSki Society
http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/mhxcss/ as well as a number of other ski
clubs in the area offer opportunities too. Anyone interested in
impromptu cross-country skiing get togethers please contact Rich

***WE'LL HELP!***
If you have an event of possible interest to the group (or even just
an idea) contact us and (if appropriate) we will help you announce and
promote it. Email harrimanhikers@gmail.com

That's all for now- HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Ed Burdzy, Hike Leader
Greg Paret, Hike Leader
Rich Hobbs, Webmaster

Harriman Hikers
A North NJ Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974


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Harriman Hikers is a NY/NJ singles hiking club, established 1974.

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