Springtime in Harriman State Park NY

It’s that time of year again when the lakes thaw, the songbirds return, the forests and fields burst forth in greens and blooms and the air will be filled with the scent of budding trees and flowers – it’s getting warm enough now to draw out even the most timid housebound winter hibernators – don’t get left behind!


Click the photo for a better view 🙂

Harriman Hikers is a New York – New Jersey singles hiking club for adults of all ages – we hike every Sunday, year-round, rain or shine just as we have for over 30 years – come hike with us and see what you have been missing!

Just review our website’s front page for complete details.

Here are our other posts about our home page photos in case you missed any.

Harriman Hikers
A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974


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Harriman Hikers is a NY/NJ singles hiking club, established 1974.

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