Autumn in Harriman State Park, NY

Lately, Fall has been in its full splendor in Harriman State Park, NY, Harriman Hikers’ “back yard”, so to speak. Everyone will probably agree this Autumn has been an exceptional leaf-peeping season, with mild, sunny weather on weekends and few windy storms that can and have caused early blow-down in other years.


  • The header photo on the Harriman Hikers home page was made this Fall from the Timp Torne, a well-known scenic overlook in the northeast section of Harriman State Park, NY. Please visit the Harriman Hikers Photo Gallery for photos from Harriman Hikers’ recent Hike to the Timp as well as many, many other photos from other Harriman Hikers Hikes, during all different times of the year.
  • In addition to Harriman State Park, NY, Harriman Hikers hikes many other local parks and wilderness areas during the year. Be sure and check out our photo set Norvin Green State Forest Hike 10-26-2008 for other recent photos of this season’s spectacular Fall foliage.
  • No way the fun stops now… 😉

  • Be sure and read about our upcoming Annual Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike!
  • As Autumn turns into Winter, our Hike Leaders are busy planning many new, diverse hikes and trail routes appropriate to the season. Never hiked in the Winter? You don’t know what you have been missing. Please visit our Harriman Hikers Guide To Winter Hiking to help you get “ready-to-go”.

  • As a reminder, Harriman Hikers is a New York – New Jersey singles hiking club, open for participation by single adults of all ages. Harriman Hikers hikes every Sunday, year-round, rain or shine and has been active since 1974, making Harriman Hikers one the longest-existing outdoor singles organizations in the lower Hudson Valley / greater New York City area.

    Please ALSO note, Harriman Hikers Hikes are generally considered “intermediate-level hikes” – hikers should be in good physical condition and under prevailing weather conditions, capable of hiking 7-8 miles over hilly and rocky wilderness terrain where some hills can be steep. Please visit our home page for complete details about Harriman Hikers.

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey singles hiking club, established 1974

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    Harriman Hikers is a NY/NJ singles hiking club, established 1974.

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