Harriman Hikers at Lake Skannatati Overlook 1-2-2011

Our current header photo shows Harriman Hikers at the Lake Skannatati Overlook in Harriman State Park, NY on a snow-covered winter Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 (one week after the East Coast Blizzard of December 2010!) Harriman Hikers passes by the Lake Skannatati Overlook often during the year as it is a short distance from the … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers at Lake Skannatati Overlook 1-2-2011”


VR Pano: Harriman Hikers at Lake Skannatati Overlook, HSPNY 11-7-2010

  L1120348_Panorama.ivp   Give it a few moments to load – FYI it may be a bit if you are still on a dialup. If things don’t seem to be working in Internet Explorer, open this page in Firefox or Google Chrome.   Go ahead – push the buttons! 🙂 (full screen is especially kewl … Continue reading “VR Pano: Harriman Hikers at Lake Skannatati Overlook, HSPNY 11-7-2010”

Skannatati Twilight

Lake Skanati in Harriman State Park, NY is one of the Seven Lakes for which the main park thoroughfare, Seven Lakes Drive is named. The boat launch / parking lot located at Lake Skannatati provides convenient, plentiful parking for our group as well as easy access to several trails we hike on frequently, not to … Continue reading “Skannatati Twilight”

Lakes Skannatati, Kanawaukee and Sebago

From this vantage point a short distance from the Lake Skannatati parking lot, one can observe three picturesque lakes located in Harriman State Park, NY; (front to back): Lake Skannatati, Lake Kanawaukee and Lake Sebago. A cropped version of the topmost photograph below was featured on the home page of the Harriman Hikers website. Click … Continue reading “Lakes Skannatati, Kanawaukee and Sebago”