Harriman Hikers November Notes

“Spring forward, Fall back” At 2am tomorrow (Sunday, November 3rd, 2013) at 2am we change to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Most people simply turn all their clocks BACK one hour for EST before they go to bed on Saturday night. Alternate Hike Leader Milestone Birthday Celebration Sunday Nov 10 Alternate Hike Leader (and Harriman Hikers … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers November Notes”


Photo of the Month

Our own Hike Leader, Greg Paret, proved his photographic prowess recently on a recent personal hiking trip to the White Mountains, NH …and interrupted “somebody’s” lunch in the process! -Webmaster <a href="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2170/1491821230_1a1823125e.jpg?v=0&quot; (c)copyright Greg Paret. All rights reserved. Check out all the Harriman Hikers photos in the Photo Gallery Technorati Tags: Harriman Hikers, news, photos, … Continue reading “Photo of the Month”

Harriman Hikers News July 2007

Summer greetings to all Harriman Hikers! It’s here- who doesn’t like summer? Balmy weather tempered with dips in the ol’ swimmin’ hole, sunny days, starlit nights… a refreshing breeze… the sound of birds chirping merrily among themselves… flowers in bloom… green… everywhere. …and of course, a fine time of year for hiking and other outdoor … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers News July 2007”

Harriman Hikers News May 2007

Saturday Hike May 26 Memorial Day Weekend Posted by webmaster on Thursday, 26 April 2007 (02:45:21) EDT (28 reads) Ed Burdzy will lead an additional hike Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 26th, 2007. The hike is in addition-to and does not replace or affect Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hike. Harriman Hikers meets every Sunday for … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers News May 2007”

Stabilicers Positive Experience

Stabilicers, manufactured by 32 North, Inc., Biddeford, ME, is the brand name of a foot product made to provide firm footing in icy conditions. Metal cleats are attached to a rubber shoe sole which is then secured to the foot using nylon straps and velcro. Such foot products are often loosely referred to as “ice … Continue reading “Stabilicers Positive Experience”

Harriman Hikers January 2007 Update

January 2007: Happy New Year to Harriman Hikers; old friends and those people who have only just now found us on the internet! Your webmaster and general-purpose hike cheerleader, Rich and the Harriman Hikers Hike Leaders, Ed and Greg have taken a temporary sabbatical for now from our regular monthly email newsletter to rest up … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers January 2007 Update”

New Pictures in the Photo Gallery

If you look in our Harriman Hikers Photo Gallery, you will see that Greg has been very busy uploading photos from our weekly and holiday hikes, as well as the trip he, Steve and Jason made up to Gene’s house and the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Dan Yukon just returned from his vacation in … Continue reading “New Pictures in the Photo Gallery”