Thanksgiving Friday Hike

Additional Event: Thanksgiving Friday Hike Nov 23rd, 2007 Ed Burdzy will lead a hike on Friday, Nov 23rd, 2006. Destination to be determined by Ed, day of hike. Ed normally leads an additional hike one Saturday each month, but with considerations toward the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, Ed has changed the hike day for November to … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Friday Hike”


Thanksgiving Friday Hike Nov 24th 2006

The following hike is in addition-to and does not replace or affect Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hike. Harriman Hikers meets every Sunday for hiking, rain or shine, year-round, as we have for over 30 years. The following hike is coordinated privately by Harriman Hikers Hike Leader, Ed Burdzy. Please contact Ed by phone 973-471-0492 for … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Friday Hike Nov 24th 2006”

Thanksgiving Sunday Hike Nov 26th 2006

Its the main event! Our tutti-frutti! Yes folks, its our SUNDAY-AFTER-THANKSGIVING-HIKE! Every year as far back as any of us can remember, on the Sunday following Thanksgiving, Harriman Hikers has held an easy hike with the intention sharing leftover (as well as specially prepared) gastronomical goodies and the spirit of the holiday with other hiking … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Sunday Hike Nov 26th 2006”

Harriman Hikers November Notes

“Spring forward, Fall back” At 2am tomorrow (Sunday, November 3rd, 2013) at 2am we change to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Most people simply turn all their clocks BACK one hour for EST before they go to bed on Saturday night. Alternate Hike Leader Milestone Birthday Celebration Sunday Nov 10 Alternate Hike Leader (and Harriman Hikers … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers November Notes”

Harriman Hikers Newsletter December 2007

Season’s Greetings from Harriman Hikers! Our annual Thanksgiving Sunday Hike, held this year on Nov 25th, was once again a jolly success, with 70+ people joining in the camaraderie on a glorious, crisp Fall Sunday! Thanks one and all for coming out! Check out the Harriman Hikers Website Homepage for the new group photo! The … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers Newsletter December 2007”

Harriman Hikers Newsletter November 2007

Happy Halloween! November is the month for one of the highlights of our hike year, Harriman Hikers Thanksgiving Sunday Hike! The date will be Sunday, November 25th. Don’t miss it! Have a great Thanksgiving! A reminder that we return to Eastern Standard Time Sunday, November 4th, 2:00am. Set your clock(s) back one hour just before … Continue reading “Harriman Hikers Newsletter November 2007”