HH Photos – Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike 2011

Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Harriman Hikers Hike 2011

On Sunday, November 27th, 2011, Harriman Hikers was very fortunate to have been endowed with fair weather (no small feat considering this past year the area has endured a hurricane, earthquake and October blizzard! 😉 and 72 people turned out to enjoy an autumn afternoon of hiking, camaraderie and feasting (not neccesarily in that order 😉 at Harriman Hikers Annual Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike and Feast. Harriman Hikers Honorary Hike Leader of the Day, longtime member hiker, Jason Marcus, led the group up Stockbridge Mountain in Harriman State Park, NY to Stockbridge Shelter, where the festivities continued for several hours into the late afternoon. A fine time was had by all!

Group Photo - Harriman Hikers 2011 Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike 2011
Group Photo - Harriman Hikers 2011 Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike 2011

Harriman Hikers 2011 Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike 2011

Harriman Hikers
A NY – NJ Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974


Harriman Hikers Annual Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike November 27, 2011

Reminder: Harriman Hikers Annual Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Jason Marcus - Harriman Hikers


Harriman Hikers
A NY / NJ Singles Hiking Club – Established 1974

Lake Nawahunta, Harriman State Park, NY

From Harriman Trails – A Guide and History by William Myles (1991):

Lake Nawahunta was created in 1915 by the construction of a dam across Lewis Brook, a tributary of Queensboro Brook. The land did not belong to the Park then and it was built to be a trout hatchery. It is a small lake, 7-10 feet deep, visible from Seven Lakes Drive just south of the Silvermine Ski area.

… the name Nawahunta is Mohegan for “place of trout”.

Harriman Hikers
A NY – NJ Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974

Season’s Greetings and Best New Year’s Wishes From Harriman Hikers

As the sun sets on 2008, Harriman Hikers would like to take the opportunity to wish each and everyone the very best for a happy, safe holiday season and fulfilling, prosperous 2009.

Season’s Greetings and Best New Year’s Wishes From Harriman Hikers
Lake Skannatati sunset – December, Harriman State Park, NY. Special thanks to Harriman Hiker Mary Jockel for this photo from Harriman Hikers Sunday, December 7, 2008 hike

Please be sure and join us for our annual Holiday Hike on Sunday, December 27th, 2008. The Holiday Hike is a regular Harriman Hikers hike with special emphasis for the day on the holiday season. Harriman Hikers will hike as usual Sunday, December 27th, 2008, whatever the weather, just as we have every Sunday for over 30 years. Additionally…

Feel free to wear your silly Santa hat, fake reindeer antlers, elf ears or whatever else you can think of to add to the merriment! At the same time, please be reminded, the hike will be a regular Harriman Hikers hike and, “Harriman Hikers hikes are what many would consider “intermediate level”, which is to say, “hikers should be in good physical condition and under prevailing weather conditions, capable of hiking 7-8 miles over hilly and rocky wilderness terrain where some hills can be steep” – creativity is encouraged, however, please use proper judgment deciding how you would like to “decorate” yourself for the hike. (i.e. if you decide to be a Christmas Tree complete with ornaments, those ornaments may well get shaken loose and / or you may have a hard time keeping pace with the group, if, for instance, the hike leaders decide to take the group up Cardiac Hill or along one of the many other challenging trail routes that define Harriman Hikers hikes. Pointy elf shoes with bells on the toes? …probably not a good idea. Human dreidel? …nawww… Haven’t hiked with us before? Please read our home page carefully. Harriman Hikers Guide to Winter Hiking might be helpful as well.
… Many hikers enjoy meeting up at the Mahwah Bar and Grill (MBG) after the hike each week; the Sunday December 21st hike may be a special opportunity to hook up with outdoors friends to celebrate the season. Meeting up after the hike is an optional, additional activity announced as a courtesy and does not affect or replace Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hike or necessarily involve or include our Hike Leaders or other administrators. The best way to participate in this informal gathering is to join Harriman Hikers for the regular Sunday hike and to keep your ears open – meeting up at MBG is a popular option open to everyone and there is always chatter about meeting up afterward among the ranks during the hike. Generally accepted etiquette is for each person to bring cash to pay their own tab, treat the waitstaff with dignity and respect and tip generously as well as respect the personal spaces of others who may be present. Please do not drink and drive.
For hikers that might enjoy a signficantly more challenging hiking experience in addition to Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hike, Ed Burdzy will be leading (2) additional hikes during the 2008 holiday season – on Friday December 26th and on New Year’s Day, Thursday, January 1st, 2009. It is very important that you read the announcements about these hikes carefully; please do not plan participate in either of these hikes without having spoken to Ed first. Follow the links below for complete information:


  • Friday Dec 26, 2008 Additional Hike
  • Thursday Jan 1st, 2009 Additional Hike (AKA “Ed’s Step into New Year Hike”)
    Please be reminded that Ed’s hikes are additional hikes, coordinated by Ed and never affect or replace Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hikes.

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey singles hiking club, established 1974

    Harriman Hikers in Bergen Record

    Harriman Hikers was featured in a newspaper article in the Monday, August 25th, 2008 print edition of the Bergen Record. The Record sent Staff Reporter Carol Fletcher and Staff Photographer Amy Newman to visit and hike with us on our Sunday, August 24th, 2008 regular Sunday hike.

    The article also appears in the Record Online:

    Record Online | Northern New Jersey | You’ll never hike alone. That’s a guarantee! | Monday, August 25, 2008 | By Carol Fletcher, Staff Writer

    “So you’re an avid hiker who’s not scared of climbing 1,600 feet, crossing streams or breathing hard for several hours. But you’re single and tired of hiking alone.

    Meet the Harriman Hikers, a group for singles of any age that hikes every Sunday, rain or shine, in the freezing cold or steamy heat.

    “It’s delightfully not a pickup thing,” said leader Greg Paret, a Putnam County, N.Y., resident who was leading a hike along a rocky trail Sunday in Harriman State Park with co-leader Ed Burdzy of Passaic. “It’s for people who want to do something with single people and not their married friends.”

    …read more…

    Harriman Hikers is a New York – New Jersey singles hiking club, established 1974. Please visit us at www.harrimanhikers.org for complete information and details.

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club
    Established 1974

    Turkey Hill Pond in Harriman State Park, NY

    Turkey Hill Pond is a 58 acre, man-made “pond” in the far-northern section of Harriman State Park, NY.

    Many Harriman Hikers refer to this body of water simply as “Turkey Lake” and it has been both a destination and way point for many different hike routes Harriman Hikers have used over the years.

    The view of the lake used on our website header features late Spring foliage and a view from the northeastern end of the pond looking south – the peak in the far distance is Summer Hill. Out of sight above and to the right of the photo is Torrey Memorial, where we had just come from to arrive at the location where this photo was made.

    L1010772 - Turkey Lake / Harriman State Park NY
    Click the photo for a better view 🙂

    Other photos in this set depict lake and trail views as we hiked our way south around Turkey Lake’s eastern shore and then much later in the day after we came back to the lake on its southern end and hiked our way up Turkey Lake’s western side. From the west, looking east one can observe the actual Turkey Hill, for which the pond is named (and we hiked over 😉

    For many, many more adventures – adventures you can call your own – as well as opportunities to meet great single folks and make new friends – join us for hiking!

    Harriman Hikers meets each and every Sunday, come rain / shine / snow / sleet, year-round, 11:30am at the South Parking Lots, Field B-1, of the Ramapo College of New Jersey on Route 202 in Mahwah, NJ.

    See complete details on our home page.

    The photo above has been featured on our home page. Chk this page for other photos featured in the Harriman Hikers website home page header.

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club
    Established 1974

    Check Out Our Post Maps

    “Check out our Post-Maps!” …huh? What’s THAT?

    The page above contains digital Google Maps .

    These maps contain map-pins that represent geographic locations relevant to posts on Harriman Hikers that have been geotagged, or in other words, have geospatial data embedded that indicate the location where events or other information described in the post took place.

    The top map is a post map of all the geotagged posts on the Harriman Hikers website. If you click on any marker, a message balloon will appear containing the titles of posts for that location and link(s) to the actual article(s).

    The lower map, via our RSS Feed (Wikipedia definition), which by the way, is geospatially sensitive (so DON’T upset it 😉 , is populated with pins for only the most recent articles published that have been geotagged. If you click on the message balloon(s) you will be returned a result that contains the article’s title and a link back to our site as well as a link to Harriman Hiker’s Google Maps Profile.

    All this is part of what has come to be known as neogeography – or… “new geography”. Kinda like “new math” only, instead of “math”, “maps”. Get it?

    Needless to say, you may see a number of maps on Harriman Hikers – the one below has been tagged with our weekly meeting place at Parking Lot B-1, South Lots at Ramapo College:

    If you zoom in close enough you can nearly see gum wrappers in the parking lot (they’re not ours! 😉 .

    Note – if either of the two maps above don’t seem to be displaying correctly, the likely problem is you are using the Internet Explorer Browser, which is non-compliant in many ways to standards established and used by other popular web browsers. Try Firefox instead.

    Photos can be geotagged, too. Below are the results of our Flickr Feed of our website header photos – if you look below, the link for each item in the feed (i.e. Pine Meadow Lake, Harriman State Park, NY) places said photo on a map on a site called loc.alize.us.

    Sites like loc.alize.us are known as mashups and it’s sort of a prerequisite for a mashup site or Web.20 site to have an unusual name like “loc.alize.us” (…or Flickr 😉

    Both of our Hike Leaders, Ed and Greg, use GPS units to navigate the trails we use on our hikes. These units utilize much of the same type of data as described above.

    If you are still reading this, you might also be interesting in seeing our Mapufacture Map.

    Harriman Hikers
    A NY- NJ Singles Hiking Club. Established 1974

    Springtime in Harriman State Park NY

    It’s that time of year again when the lakes thaw, the songbirds return, the forests and fields burst forth in greens and blooms and the air will be filled with the scent of budding trees and flowers – it’s getting warm enough now to draw out even the most timid housebound winter hibernators – don’t get left behind!


    Click the photo for a better view 🙂

    Harriman Hikers is a New York – New Jersey singles hiking club for adults of all ages – we hike every Sunday, year-round, rain or shine just as we have for over 30 years – come hike with us and see what you have been missing!

    Just review our website’s front page for complete details.

    Here are our other posts about our home page photos in case you missed any.

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club
    Established 1974

    The View From The Summit, From The Ramapough

    …via Hudson Hikers


    One our fellow hiking clubs, Hudson Hikers, (Ramapo Chapter of The Adirondack Mountain Club) recently published a newsletter to the internet that contains a poem, The View From The Summit, in which text contains some Harriman State Park landmarks we know well and hold dear to our own hearts:

    (Quoting the first verse)

    “Happy the Harriman hikers who take to the trail
    Health in mind and body shall be theirs without fail
    Away from Reeves Meadow hubbub up Rockland’s Seven Hills
    And Old Red to Ramapo Torne with serpent lair and scramble spills
    Pass by a Bear who must be Russian and a Pulpit without a priest
    Pine Meadow Lake’s the spot for summer dip with luncheon feast
    Peer at Diamond’s Sebago views and careen down Cascade of Slid
    Plod Blue Disc to a Den where bad Claudius Smith once hid
    Yet ahead greet Tom Jones to Stahahe of High Peak renown
    Yonder cross Island Pond in winter if in Boston Mine you don’t drown”

    Read the rest here (note: you will need Acrobat Reader (free)