Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Harriman State Park, NY

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Lake Nawahunta, Harriman State Park, NY

From Harriman Trails – A Guide and History by William Myles (1991):

Lake Nawahunta was created in 1915 by the construction of a dam across Lewis Brook, a tributary of Queensboro Brook. The land did not belong to the Park then and it was built to be a trout hatchery. It is a small lake, 7-10 feet deep, visible from Seven Lakes Drive just south of the Silvermine Ski area.

… the name Nawahunta is Mohegan for “place of trout”.

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Lake Skenonto, Harriman State Park, NY in Summer

Lake Skenonto in Harriman State Park, NY

is one of a number of lakes in the park we visit, often several times during the year.

Lunch at Lake Skenonto

Harriman Hikers at Lake Skenonto, Harriman State Park, NY
Especially during the Summer, the lakes are nice relaxation during our lunch stop, with a cool breeze coming off the water and the shade of trees to sit under 🙂

Lake Skenonto is a 37 acre, man-made freshwater lake that is generally thought to have been created as part of a Civilian Conservation Corps project during the Great Depression of the 20th Century, but Harriman Trails – A Guide and History states that little is known nowadays about the creation of Lake Skenonto other than that,

the dam (on the southeastern side of the lake – HH) was built in 1934 and that the lake was filled with water by 1936.

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